12 Ways The UKGC Helps Make Online Gambling Safer In The UK

The UKGC wants all those who choose to gamble in Great Britain to be able to do so in a safe manner. Here's how they can help.

Gambling is one of the most popular entertainment activities in the UK, but it can harm those who are at risk of addiction. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has created a number of policies to help people enjoy gambling safely.


Since 2012, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has been working hard to make gambling within the United Kingdom safer and more transparent.


The mission of the UKGC is to: “safeguard the interest of citizens and consumers, and to promote public trust and confidence in gambling.”


The UKGC was established by Royal Charter on 23rd November 2002 as a non-ministerial government department under the Department for Culture Media & Sport. It replaced the Gaming Board which had existed since 1992.

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The UKGC is important for gaming in the UK

In the UK, one of the most important institutions for making Online gambling in the UK safer is the UK Gambling Commission. The UKGC is a non-departmental public body which regulates and oversees all gambling within the country.


The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) is the most important institution in the UK for ensuring that gambling remains safe. The UKGC’s initial mission was to keep both players and providers accountable, but in recent years it has grown in size and scope to protect all stakeholders in the gambling industry.


One way it does this is by setting standards for licensing operators, ensuring they meet certain criteria before they are allowed to offer their services to players.

Having a tough stance on compliance and enforcement

As a result of UKGC’s increased focus on gambling businesses, the commission is ensuring they are prioritising consumer safety and complying with the regulator’s rules. Those who do not do so are subject to disciplinary action.

Increasing the safety of marketing and advertising

Any gambling operator who now breaks advertising laws will face robust fines as well as suspensions and settlements for violating the advertising laws.

Ban on the use of credit cards for gambling

In recent times, the UKGC has enforced a ban on the acceptance of credit card payments. Taking this approach can help minimize financial risks, as well as prevent debt spending that may lead to serious consequences in the future.
The UKGC banned the use of credit cards for gambling on 14 April 2020. Approximately 800,000 Brits uses credit cards to gamble before the ban came into place.

Limiting the age at which young people may gamble

In order to prevent young people from being harmed by online gambling, the UKGC has added stricter age and identity checks in order to safeguard them against the dangers associated with it.

Protecting those at risk online

The UKGC is now requiring all gambling businesses to sign up for GAMSTOP, which is a self-exclusion program online. GAMSTOP allows consumers to exclude themselves from all online gambling for at least six months at a time.

Providing additional protection to online gambling during lockdowns

As a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, consumers who gamble online are protected through tighter measures. Reverse withdrawals are prevented, bonuses are not offered to customers who are showing signs of harm, and online customer service is improved.

The introduction of a consistent alternative dispute resolution process

Gaming businesses are only allowed to use alternative dispute resolution providers that comply with additional standards imposed by the UK Gambling Commission.

Engaging experts by experience in the field of safer gambling

UKGC has created an expert by experience group who will provide recommendations, evidence, and advice to the Commission. It is hoped that the recommendations will lead to higher standards and decision making.

Increasing consumer protection by opening consultations on VIP schemes

Currently, the UK Gambling Commission is working with the industry to implement new rules on VIP schemes.


The outcome of the current consultation will provide the Commission with further regulatory options, as well as guidance on how to design games in a less addictive manner.

Protecting players on social media

In order to limit consumer exposure to gambling-related content online, the UKGC released a set of guidelines to protect players on Facebook and Twitter.

Improving the way in which operators interact with their customers

Gambling businesses have been given improved customer interaction guidance in order to ensure they ask the right questions at the right time.

Launch of National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms

It has helped drive and coordinate work to bring about a lasting impact on reducing gambling harm through the UKGC’s National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms in England, Scotland and Wales.

It is the single and critical aim of the UKGC's National Strategy to reduce gambling harms more effectively and more quickly.

Read more about how the UKGC helps to make gambling safer.

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